Tuesday, September 10

#371 : They wanna make it in the neighborhood.

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Roost is new in town and asked me to review it's first creation : the Bella Vista house.

I'll be very honest : it's not the first time I've been offered to review houses but I am extremely picky with rooms divisions and textures and for this reason, I usually refuse the offer. It was different this time with Roost as I fell in love with their creation.

Offered in two version (2 bedrooms and one bathroom -or- 3 bedrooms) the house is amazingly appealing for whoever has a small family or need some extra space for an office or a photostudio. The rooms are very well divided and the main section of the house (picture) is extremely spacious. Walls and floors can easily be colored or textured and the brick texture on the outside is well defined. I personally love the attention to details such as closets in the two biggest bedrooms, scripted windows that you can open and beams on the ceiling in every rooms (minus the bathroom).

If there is any constructive comment I could say to make this house better, it would be the roof texture. Since the roof is a big part of this house's look and is quite noticeable, some shading could have made it better. This said, the current roof texture is good enough that it wouldn't stop me from purchasing this home! If you're looking for a cozy house for fall and winter, this could be it. Visit it today in-world and have a look at the matching garage as well, which can be purchased separately.

I'm amazingly impressed with this first release by Roost and I can't wait for the next one!