Thursday, December 13

#349 : Let's give a helping hand to Sway's.

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Let me share with you a small part of my RL.

In 2007, after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I underwent a catscan in order to see how my illness was evolving... but they found something else. At the bottom part of my brain, near the cerebellum, they found a benign tumor the size of an olive, called subependymoma. I was petrified... Fortunately for me, my tumor is stable. In five years, it size stayed the same and since it's floating around in one of the brain ventricle and it's not touching anything, the neurosurgeon decided to leave it there and remove it only if it starts growing, which after five years is unlikely to happen.

But not everyone has the same luck. I've learned last night that the owner of Sway's will have to go through surgery for a benign brain tumor, and it hits very close to home. Thankfully the surgery isn't life-threatening, but the recovery takes a long time.

Once again you can help another amazing creator in SL by purchasing ALL THE THINGS at the Together for Sway event which starts tomorrow, Dec 15th-31st. You can learn why this event was created by reading the official blog; you can also check the list of talented and generous designers who are participating. I unfortunately don't have the SLURL to the event, but I'm sure it will be posted on the official website in the next few hours.

Indeed, I'll be there tomorrow. See you aroud!


Apple Fall - Paris Appartment


LISP - Oh Mr Waters Sofa
LISP - Shepherd Coffee Table
LISP - Misty Double Floor Cushion - Blue Lemon
Art Dummy - once. (cabinet with lanterns )
Art Dummy - to color eggs. (table)
Cheeky Pea - Painter's Armchair
DIGS - Delaney Rug
Y's House - Rug_Linen004(White line)_a


Sway's - Toy Train [Christmas] Train NEW!
Sway's - [Spirit] Pendulum Clock - Christmas NEW! @The Arcade
Sway's - [Piggy Bank] Pastel blue
Sway's - [Piggy Bank] Pastel purple
Apple Fall - Memories Art
Apple Fall - Millinery Scrolls
Apple Fall - Breeze Curtains
Cheeky Pea - Tynebank Antler Tree NEW! @The Men's Department
What Next - Novelle Typewriter
Five Minutes After - Koenji Lamp
Ohmai - Animal Spice Gatcha MsElephant.
Art Dummy - idle. (stacked books)
MudHoney - Mesh Books
Lark - Memories Handmade Book
Floorplan - jack's manuscript
D-Lab - Reindeer NEW!
The Loft - Checkers
BP* - glass of grape juice
Y's House - Kago01(old/Brown Knob)
Mon Tissu - Cottage Flats / Right Gray