Monday, December 3

#342 : Letting the golden hours slip by.

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When it comes to spend time with friends, nothing brings people together like a mellow environment. The new pool table by End of Daze instantly creates such ambiance; I love how it fills a room and makes it looks cozy without effort. Available in 3 colors, and comes with plenty of accessories such as lamps, wall rack and rezzable decor.

Fanatik Architecture - Cabin
End of Daze - Pool Table Set Classic & accessories NEW!
End of Daze - Wine Rack (tinted) december's group gift
Pilot - Bridges Bar Cart
Cheeky Pea & Pulling Strings - Maribel Hanger Chair Splatter
Cheeky Pea - It's a Keeper Frames Straight
Cheeky Pea - Painter's Armchair
LISP - Anna Chair Single
LISP - Pile of Newspapers
LISP - Glass of Red wine
Dutchie - Pizza
Dutchie - 3 beer cans
Dutchie - Wine
Dutchie - Bread & Cheese
BP* - Pears on a plate
BP* - Grapes on a plate
DIGS - Rae Floor Lamp Ash
DIGS - Zahra Rug
DIGS - Armeen Rug
Vespertine - Sorting Shelf Worn Wood
Floorplan - Porthole Mirror Bronze (modified)
Picnic - Rug Cow Dark
Not So Bad - Pera Ashtray

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Icewood Bayn (End of Daze)