Tuesday, November 27

#336 : Jolly holly Christmas tree, what will Santa bring me?

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End of Daze released yesterday a rustic mesh tree like I've been dreaming to find in Second Life since over 3 years.. and it's absolutely perfect! Two versions of the tree are available, each one with many textures options such as plaid, peeling paint, and polka dots, all in classic white, green and red Christmas colors. At only 2 prims, the basic tree has quite low land impact! It can also be resized; because the tree is mesh, land impact will adjust accordingly, yet will stay in a reasonable range. As a reference, the biggest tree shown above is only 7 prims!

Fanatik Architecture - Cabin
End of Daze - Jolly Trees 1 & 2 NEW!
Y's House - Round Chair 02
Meshworx - Factory Cabinet v8
Five Minutes After - Koenji Lamp
Cheeky Pea - Hemmingway Typewriter
Art Dummy - Dashing (art on wood)
Art Dummy - Light up my way (vintage star light)
The Loft - Round Caged Candles S & M
Lisp - Vintage Giftboxes
Lisp - Hanging Sox Brown
Picnic - Rug Deer
La'Licious - Unfinished Holiday Tree (old group gift)

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Icewood Bayn (End of Daze)