Monday, April 4

Rated 18+

Once in a while, you come across an outfit that is absolutely not what you usually wear, but there's something about it that grabs you by the heart anyway. That's what happened today when I crossed path with two outfits from Fantasia : Naiad and Nerrin.

The first one made me feel like Eve in the Garden of Eden, and the second one like a Sea Queen. Both outfit are PG rated with tops that cover everything, but I modified Naiad and I didn't wear the top & pants of Nerrin to give them a little twist.

Both outfit are available at the Fantasy Faire that ends April 10th. Not only are they super pretty, but they are 100% donation to American Cancer Society as well!

I came across some very interesting body items this past week : at Mynerva, a tattoo layer that covers your whole body in freckles! It's absolutely gorgeous... I'm a redhead and freckles freak and I'm gonna wear that tattoo layer to death! Also, lashes from Chaisuki, both tattoo and prims lashes fit perfectly and easily, plus there is enough prim lashes to satisfy any fashionista. And finally, the most vivid eyes I've seen in SL to this day, the Sunrise Eyes collection from Fashism. They are truly beautiful and I'm looking forward for more colors!


Skin : Mynerva - Kianna Shade 3
Hair : Elikatira - Just in Blonde 02
Eyes : Fashism - Sunrise collection in Blue Deep and Green Light
Lashes : Chaisuki - Tattoo lashes #56 + Prims lashes #34
Tattoo layer : Mynerva - Hundreds&Thousands (freckles) in Medium

Outfits : Fantasia - Naiad Seagrass & Nerrin Blue