Monday, April 4

Sucker Punch.

When I first joined Second Life in 2007, I spent almost two full years in roleplay sims, being the exact same kind of character that you can now find in the new Sucker Punch movie. Like Babydoll, I spent two years sporting short skirts and guns, in a lolita-steampunk-badass kinda way.

This whole thing is now far behind, but when Truth released the Babydoll hairdo last Friday, it brought back some very good memories. After all, it's during that period that I met those who are still my best friends in Second Life to this day. It's also during that time that I met Div. We spent an incredible amount of time working on our outfits and roleplay character together, and even if I never learned how to fight properly and kept dying in front of level 2 players when I was a level 16 myself (duh), I still enjoyed every minute of that period. To be quite honest, I miss it sometimes...

So last Friday, after two years, I went back at Bare Rose and started shopping for an doll/steampunk outfit à la Babydoll, put back my old guns and went out to shoot... some pictures. :)


Skin : Laqroki - Linnea in Milky no.4
Hair : Truth - Babydoll in Sweden
Eyes : MADesigns - Promise collection in Green 14
Lashes : Chaisuki - Tattoo lashes #56 + Prims lashes #05
Tattoo layer : Laqroki - Cleavage 2 in Milky
+ cheLLe - Freckles Light

Dress : Bare Rose (B@R) - Darlin' of Discotheque in Grey
Stockings : Maitreya - Allure in Midnight
Boots : Maitreya - SoHo Boots in Boho Rock
Epaulette : Mimikri - part of Ahoy shirt
Guns : Fairlight - FL PLD-08 Pistol

Pose : [Lauria] Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing 04
Picture taken at Addict Mainstore sim