Thursday, April 7

Show me your Lo Lo.

In french, lolo is a common slang for.... tits. Enhance the title of this post.

But in this case, it's not my lolos I want to show you (you've seen them in a previous post earlier this week anyway, ha) but the new event called Coffee Break, at Lo Lo Café. Starting this month, Coffee Break will offer exclusive products every 2 months, for two weeks only. This round goes from April 1-15th and the next one is to be expected in June.

There is only a few items offered but this very lovely outfit from Ingenue I'm wearing above was worth the teleport. I hate, but I mean I HATE brown, I never know with what I should pair it, and I think it's a boring color overall. But this outfit yells cute and retro to me and I couldn't resist. It's lovely! And I'm surprised at how cute this color is with my redhair.

I wanted to pair it with a slim belt in pink or teal, but I can't find any on Marketplace? Or I'm just too stupid to do a proper search. *sighs*

Visit Coffee Break, at Lo Lo Café in-world!


Skin : Mynerva - Kianna Shade 3
Hair : Truth - Krystal in Jupiter
Eyes : Fashism - Sunrise collection in Eggplant Pale
Lashes : Chaisuki - Tattoo lashes #56 + Redgrave Natural Lashes #6
Tattoo layer : Mynerva - Hundreds&Thousands (freckles) in Medium

Shirt : Ingenue - Wanda Halter Top in Coffee (Coffee Break exclusive)
Shorts : Ingenue - Mitzi Lower Shorts in Coffee (Coffee Break exclusive)
Bracelet : League - Wanderer bracelet (FLF)
Shoes : Surf Couture - Spring Fling Wedge in Pink Lemonade