Sunday, April 17

The Season Hunt - Spring!

It's spring! And with it comes The Season Hunt, Spring 2011 edition. The event started yesterday with 69 stores on the list, and is packed with cute spring-ish stuff. It's pretty easy : you teleport, find the little bee filled with goodies and move to the next store.

Of course if you're like me, there is the very important "extra shopping" part between the bee and the teleport, but that's another story.

As usual, The Rumor has pictures of all items offered (lets bow down to whoever did the job to make our life easier) and you have up to April 30 to grab them!

Season Hunt items in the above picture :
- Très Blah - Floral chemise
- The Secret Store - Églantine jacket
- DECO - Bonnet hat (so damn pretty!)

... and [Lauria] pose, to be released soon!