Friday, April 22

Random Friday.

It's a very slow Friday, so let's talk about random stuff.

First, earrings. If you know about Mandala, you know they are offering some of the best jewelry in SL. I've been wanting the Senjyu earrings since forever, and came across the promotion currently available only on marketplace : the Senjyu earrings, along with the Milky Way collection, are 50% off (not the fatpack, tho... you need to purchase them individually)! This special price was supposed to end March 23th as per the information available in store, but is still ongoing. Don't wait for too long tho, as it won't last forever.

Second, skins. If some girls can never have enough shoes or hairstyle, I personally can't have enough eyes and skins. While I was visiting LAQ to look at their shapes, I came across Mima, an asian (or is she polynesian?) inspired skin I had never tried before. I decided to give her a try, and fell instantly in love with these lucious lips. The almond shaped eyes give me a hint of exotic look, which is not my usual but it's a very nice change, actually.

I could do a full review of Mima but it's an old (read, over 3 months) skin from LAQ and there is probably plenty of review about her already. I missed the wagon on this one, but I'm glad I finally met her! I also learned the lesson to never overlook skins that aren't made for caucasian shapes since they can still fit pretty well.


I rarely (if never) talk about the sims I visit in SL, but today I'm making an exception for one of the most beautiful work of art I've seen so far in-world. There is plenty of gourgeous sims, but China is one of a kind, with her water painting / sumi-e (japanese ink painting) look. it's simply gorgeous and I could live there forever without ever getting enough of it.


Skin : LAQ - Mima 01 in Fair
Eyes : Fashism - Sunrise in Pale Green
Tattoo layer : cheLLe - Freckles Light
Hair : - Joanna.2 in Jealous Red

Shirt : Malt - Lorelei Vest in White
Earrings : Mandala - Senjyu in Black Hole