Wednesday, April 6

My little piece of SL.

After two months of daily hard work and lots of Lindens spent, I am finally able to say that my store is slowly starting to make profits. Not lots, but just enough to rent a second small land and call it home. Since I didn't want to spend too much money, I decided to use the same building I'm already using for my store, and modify it into a skybox.

The building I used is Nordari Snow White and I must say I'm very happy with my decision to use it since I love wide and open spaces. I added lots of gigantic windows and ended with something that looks like this.

It's not terrific from the outside, but it's a skybox after all. Furniture used were already in my inventory and come from What Next, Lisp and Art Dummy! for the most part. Some of you will recognize items from Project Themeory, Spruce Up Your Space and Lazy Sunday from this past few weeks.

Ready for a bunch of pictures?

Living Room

Office Room


Lobby / Balcony

As you can see, I hate cluttered space! I still need to add artworks on walls, but I didn't take the time to search for some so far. Aaaah, home SLweet home.