Saturday, April 16

La french house.

My rezday is coming on the 21st of this month and I decided to get a bigger land (actually it's totally false, I got more prims but the land is the same size as before) and a new store. I started browsing the Marketplace and ended purchasing the most beautiful french cottage I've seen in my whole SLife, from *Poetica*. It's so lovely and big that I decided to put my (not so) ~ appartements privés ~ on the 3rd floor.

There is a little Café at the entrance and a large lobby with a nice and cozy couch to sit on. Béatrice-the-cat usually naps at that spot but she was out to sniff some fresh air when I took these pictures. All the poses (including the new collection to be released soon) can be found on the first floor, and I've put the shapes and jewelry on the 2nd level. The pastel walls are so lovely and relaxing, and I made the whole house and land very bright and sunny.

Again I'm lacking some paintings on the walls and a few other details I want to add, but I still have some other work to finish first. Hopefully, it will be done by Friday.

You are totally welcome to visit my little piece of SL and relax at the Café. It's spring so the sakura trees are blooming with pink and white flowers! Unfortunately, it won't last forever so be quick!


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