Sunday, April 3

I need moar time plz.

The last time I updated the blog, I said I would post some picture(s) from a Sucker Punch inspired shooting I did. Well guess what, none of these were done so far! I would need 36h per day to do everything I want to do this week, and I'm not sure it would be enough!

So pardon my lack of time to upload this blog... hopefully next week should be a bit less intense for me and I'll have more time to spend in here.

Meanwhile, I took the decision to stop filling this blog with stuff related to my store, [Lauria]. I created a brand new blog dedicated only to [Lauria] releases and events, which you can find here and on the sidebar of this blog. This way, Pardon my french will go back to it's first purpose : overall fashion and events in SL, and not just my store, my store and... oh look, my store again!