Wednesday, April 20

Happy rezday to ......... moi!

In a few hours will be my rezday! I'll be two years old!

I'm actually much older than just 2yo in Second Life, my very first log - under an alt I forgot the name since - being late 2006. I found SL by pure accident and had never heard about it. I decided to give it a try. In a matter of 6 minutes I ended naked, unable to find how to put back my clothes. I tried to at least fix my (basic, non-prim) hair but ended with a puffy bright orange hairdo. In desperate need of help, I flew around a gigantic sim for about 20 minutes before crossing path with someone who gave me the landmark of "the most popular place in SL".

That's how I ended at Neva Naughty (!!). I thought I would find someone nice enough to help me; instead, I got plenty of IMs filled with dirty request towards my puffy-haired, yellow-skin-tone-with-bright-nipples self.

I logged out and came back only a year later, after a RL friend told me he would help me figure out this mess.

I can say : he did a pretty good job! Long live Lisanna! cheers!