Tuesday, April 19

Easter Hunt at R.icielli!

R.icielli is having another hunt (if I remember right, the last one was in February?) and as always, it's packed with nice and elegant clothing. You need to look for 20 golden eggs all over the sim (not just in the mainstore, but in the poses and jewels stores as well) and I'm giving you a hint : they aren't too hard to find. Lazy-me appreciate, because I give up in a matter of a few minutes (usually less than 2...) when I can't find hunt items.

R.icielli's hunt items aren't free, each item is priced at $L15 but you already know what's in the little egg as they are numbered following the image above, so you can choose what you want to get, and it's still a very cheap price for such nice quality!

Visit R.icielli in-world; the hunt ends... well actually I don't know. I can't find the information, even on the official notecard, but V-day's hunt lasted over a month.