Wednesday, September 17

#382 : Yeah baby she's got it.

I had the chance to try the Belleza Venus body before its release, and while there is already a ton of great and detailed reviews about it, I thought I would drop my 2 cents. All aboard the BAD ENGLISH train for a full review with lots of grammar errors! Woot!


There's so many good things about this body and the offered HUD that I could write about them all night. Only, since many blogs already made a better and complete review about the Venus that I could ever do, I'll just share what I loved the most :

- The offered skins. There is a great range of colors available, the slink hands & feet appliers are included and the details of each skin are AMAZING. I'm blown away by the overall quality. The knees (yes I fell in love with KNEES) are out of this world, back and front. The hands have light, barely noticeable freckles making them overall super cute (and realistic). And my favorite : the back! It's so detailed and realistic, I'll let the picture talk for itself :

This said, if you're not a fan of Belleza skins, your favorite skin designers will have the chance to provide appliers for Venus. Start harassing them today with your requests!

- The hands. SIXTEEN poses, all included with the body (no need to purchase them separately, for a good amount of L$) and easy to change in 1 click thanks to the HUD. Nails are available in 3 lengths, and a little bird told me designers will soon be able to create nails for Belleza Venus, just like they can currently do with Slink Hands. Hello possibilities.

- The tits (oh yeah!). With two options (natural and pushup) and some tweaking from your basic breasts sliders, you can basically achieve the perfect ones. I love the shape of the natural ones, no to pointish, not too round... perfect. Of course you are entitled to your own opinion, but I noticed TITS are what sell a body (or not) to customers. Before saying they are too big or too round or too pointish or what else, I suggest you try them (you might love them!).

- The overall body. Rather you're skinny or curvy, you'll be able to achieve your dream body the good old fashion way : with Appearance option. This said : I doubt you'll just put the body over your current shape and love it. It took me lots of tweaking from my current shape to achieve the Venus body I wanted. But it was worth the 10 mins of work, I look fucking awesome.

- The customer service. This is a very personnal point as I had the chance to chat with the owner of Belleza for more than 2h, testing and combining appliers, mesh heads and what else with the Venus body to give my pros and cons directly to the creator, Tricky Boucher. I loved the seriousness he puts in his work, and how every constructive comment I made seemed to matter. Ladies, you can be sure that if there is a flaw with this body, your feedback won't go unnoticed. Above everything, what Belleza want with this body, is to please YOU (and not just their bank account).


There is some, but the Belleza team is working on them (isn't it fantastic to know your opinion (among others) matters?). These are the two big ones for me.

- The neck. To me, this is THE BIG problem. My mesh head on top of the Venus neck is a total catastrophe. Because the Venus neck is long, it overlaps my mesh head's neck and makes it look like I have a skin collar (WAAAAAA!). Fortunately I adressed this problem and it's a matter of time until it will be fixed. If you're wearing a mesh head, don't panick, there is a solution coming our way (till then, just avoid updos!).

- Combining the Venus hands with Slink feet (aka : this is not a real problem unless you're a brat like me). I love the Venus hands to the point I'm already over my Slink's, but let's face it : I would love to keep wearing my 48,722 pairs of Slink shoes (that don't fit the Venus feet). So I thought : I'm just gonna wear the full body including the lovely hands, hide the feet and put my Slink's! Bummer... the feet alpha goes to high and there is a crack between my Venus legs and Slink feet. Will this stops me from wearing the Venus Body? Absolutely not. But until my fav designers release shoes for the Venus, I'll have to keep wearing my Slink hands (or run around barefoot).

UPDATE! Another little bird told me Belleza got this feedback more than once (read : I'm not the only brat in SL) and they are thinking about offering the full body with hands, minus Slink feet, allowing us to keep wearing our beloved Slink shoes. It's not confirmed yet, but as I already stated, Belleza team heard us and are taking our feedbacks quite seriously!

Bottom line. This body isn't 100% perfect but has the real potential to become THE best Mesh Body on the grid, not only because it's already one of the best (thanks to the multiple options it's offering / will offer in a near future), but also because every feedback from customers is taken very seriously by the Belleza team. You're not just purchasing a product; you have the opportunity to make it even better than it already is by voicing your opinions & ideas.

Merci Tricky for allowing me to try / review / help with your fantastic labor of love.